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How to Harness the Limitless Potential of Hybrid Events

How to Harness the Limitless Potential of Hybrid Events

How to Harness the Limitless Potential of Hybrid Events

How to Harness the Limitless Potential of Hybrid Events

What does one need to host the right hybrid event? Much of the tech you might have used for successful virtual events will also be relevant for a hybrid event. What you have learned during your virtual event experience stays, and you don’t need to clean the slate. But, the pivot to virtual from in-person events you experienced will come in handy in the case of hybrid events. A new mindset with a fresh approach makes your hybrid event successful and makes the most out of it.

Here are vital indicators to guide you through this process and harness the potential of hybrid events.

The Integrated Approach to Hybrid Events

Hybrid events combine and leverage the most important aspects of virtual and in-person events. This creates a more uplifting, sensible, and collective environment for the attendees, sponsors, and event organizers.

For The Leadership

It helps reach a larger audience that couldn’t make it to the physical event due to either lack

of time or unforeseen circumstances. For public figures, it helps party leadership and stars in addressing more rallies and fundraisers, saving time.

For In-person Attendees

Tablet-based kiosks are placed at the venue to capture attendee information and contact details. Attractive photo booths are there to click images with party branding/leaders. Also, physical booths set for constituency workers help them address constituents’ issues and build trust. The attendees can also respond to live polls and ask questions from their phones while being physically present at the event venue.

For Remote Attendees

Those who are joining virtually can watch rallies and events remotely. They can ask any questions they have and encourage participation in live polls between people across multiple geographies. They can also take pictures with their favourite party leaders, personalities, or individuals through virtual mediums and share them on social media.

The Right Tools for Hybrid Event Success

Your dream event can be a successful reality with the right tools. Once you have set your goals and defined your event’s path, start looking for the tools to help you achieve them systematically.

Hybrid Events Platform: If you know about virtual event platforms, you have already familiarized yourself with hybrid event platforms. The difference between these platforms is that they have a mobile app and a responsive web version where physical attendees can join in from their mobile devices while experiencing the event from the venue. Your choice of platform is at the centre of your event’s success. 

Take your time and pick the right one that suits your needs. Some features of a robust hybrid events platform will include:

  • Collect attendee data and drive leads
  • Connecting physical and virtual attendees with social walls
  • Dynamic Photo Booths

Networking: A networking & matchmaking tool in your hybrid event gives you a simple and easy way to have contextual meetings for your attendees. It also provides meaningful insights into the networking propensity of your audience, both live & virtual.

Engagement: This set of tools or features provides a significant touch of fun and interaction, keeping the attendees engaged. They can be features like live polling and speaker Q&A. Hybrid event platforms come with these tools embedded, reducing your overall costs.

Hosting the Hybrid Event With the Right Mindset

Simply hosting a Livestream of your in-person physical event cannot be deemed a hybrid event. A hybrid event brings together physical and virtual participants and creates an experience more significant than the sum of its parts.

As a species, our desire for knowledge and connections remains unchanged despite all the differences we carry. Learning about and meeting new people are still essential to us, and we carry a desire to share a fantastic experience with others. But, unexpectedly, life might get in the way of these opportunities. 

Think about what happened when we were forced to socially distance ourselves from fellow beings in the wake of the recent pandemic!

Hybrid events become essential at this point. This can offer your audience a memorable experience that carries a strong feeling of connection even when they are not present in person.

The two most important factors to remember while hosting a hybrid event are:

1. Focus on attendee education– Attendees should be informed at every step with the correct information and at the right time. This establishes trust and confidence while reducing redundancy on your part. Those events that create a clear communications plan have significantly higher engagement than those that do not.

2. Patience – It is necessary to be patient with your sponsors, attendees, and speakers. It takes time to get acquainted with these new opportunities. Sponsors may take time to place complete trust because they do not want to take uncalculated risks. It can take a while before they realize the true potential of hybrid events. If you are bringing sponsors from your end, take a hands-on approach to educate and onboard them to your hybrid event.


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