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The Shape of the Future is Hybrid: An Event Technology With the Promise to Prevail

The Shape of the Future is Hybrid: An Event Technology With the Promise to Prevail

The Shape of the Future is Hybrid: An Event Technology With the Promise to Prevail

The Shape of the Future is Hybrid: An Event Technology With the Promise to Prevail

Let’s start with a bold statement: It can be claimed with almost unwavering certainty that hybrid events is the new normal. Attendees no longer want to be a part of an event that does not have a digital extension, and no business wants to put a fence in front of their business growth by just sticking with in-person events.

Event organizers have at their disposal a great number of rapid digital solutions than ever before. These event technological advances helped transcend the physical experience, enabling more idiosyncratic connections. A hybrid event creates the perfect win-win outcome for everyone involved; event sponsorships from an overseas company wanting to reach a vast global audience bring the necessary funds in for the event organizer, who can focus on providing a more personal, holistic, a broader experience to its attendees.

Why Does a Company Benefit More From a Hybrid Event?

The short answer says that it provides an extensive playground with abundant opportunities for outreach. Even sponsors can send their brand on a cross-continental joyride. Having both physical and virtual impact means twice the chance of experimenting and nurturing their brands through two different mediums simultaneously.

Pre-event: Connect and know about the attendees who registered. Identify potential leads and clients and schedule in-person meetings for the event or virtually.

At the time of the event: The sponsors meet with these attendees and simultaneously connect with booth visitors, channelling their curiosity into potential business and continuing networking virtually.

Post-event: The most significant benefit is that the virtual experience will never stop, and sponsors can keep networking, engaging, and interacting with the attendees who come to watch replays of live sessions they missed.

Hybrid events provide a longer and broader exposure to their potential customers. But, sponsors are extremely vigilant before investing in new things because of the unknown risks it brings. At Sarcon, we can help you convince them. 

Hybrid Breeds 10x Engagement

Boosting attendee engagement across two completely different dimensions with almost zero latency provides a smooth, frictionless experience, to say the least. If done right, pre-event marketing will bring a vast pool of audiences with different demographics.

Using this vast potential requires controlled measures. Your attendees need to find value and purpose in your event. A business is always mutually beneficial. From an event organiser’s perspective, you need to establish an environment that naturally ignites engagement.

Here is what you should do:

  • Provide attendee networking lounges and breakout rooms
  • Create Surveys, Live Polling, Q&A, Note-taking, and Group chats
  • Gamified activities: Scavenger hunts, Leaderboards, HTML 5 Games
  • Build Social Walls, Photobooths, and Wish Walls.
  • Virtual Event Bags for both attendee types
  • Give custom-made certificates to attendees

Using Data Analytics Accurately for Hybrid Success

If hybrid events mean a mixture of both the virtual and the physical world, hybrid success can mean your virtual success and your success in the physical world. Putting that aside, doing simple guesswork out of your event will increase your organisation’s and your sponsors’ accountability.

Hybrid events hosted with Sarcon extensively use our cutting-edge matchmaking features built for in-person and virtual attendees. This helps you track significant data points like the number of meetings set up, overall engagement, and sponsor interactions. Each of these data points can be divided into attendee-level subsets. Combining them with the rest of the analytics our hybrid event platform provides sheds light on the previously unknown metrics and the overall performance of their events.

Superfast Scalability with Hybrid Events

Hybrid events provide ease of scaling when the need arises. With the help of a hybrid platform, simply bring in the additional resources to scale up your virtual presence in real-time. Limitless real estate never sounded more real!

Meanwhile, as opposed to that, you also have the ability to reject the excess signups. If the need arises, you can accommodate the excess sign-ups by raising your budget, which will help you secure more space and create more resources without hampering the deadline.

Catering to the Ever-changing Needs of Your Attendees

The duality of life means that not only the end-user adapts to a growing business, but a company also has to consider the growing needs of society.  A hybrid event addresses your audience’s rapidly changing needs and allows you to balance things in real time. We, as a species, have learned recently that we can learn and engage

with new people virtually. Business meetings and handshakes are no longer limited to office buildings, and the fascinating plasticity of our brains can make us have wonderful experiences from our computer screens.


Hybrid events are the fulcrum that enables organizers to seamlessly balance their needs as an organizer with the needs of their audience. Hybrid events have the power to transcend you as an organizer and provide increased accountability, flexibility, security, and convenience. The shape of the future is definitely hybrid, where individuals would constantly live in and out of the virtual world. Humans will try to balance the two perceived realities, and the name hybrid will become synonymous with the event industry.

The Shape of the Future is Hybrid: An Event Technology With the Promise to Prevail

The Shape of the Future is Hybrid: An Event Technology With the Promise to Prevail