Women In Tech Career Fair for A Fortune 500 Organization

women in tech case study

About the Event

Women in Tech is a global employee-led effort by the Organisation to achieve gender equality among software engineers and other technical roles. Its mission is to connect, inspire, and grow women technologists to build solutions that reflect the diversity of their members and customers. Another goal of the event was to position the Organization as a premium employer and attract the best talent. On April 22, 2022, the platform held its flagship event with Sarcon as its chosen virtual event platform.

The event, spread over two days, sought to provide attendees with opportunities to network and explore careers with the Organisation while also hearing from industry experts on topics like artificial intelligence (AI), site engineering, and data trends.

The Challenge

Build a community while attracting top talent

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, social distancing practices and related adaptations have forever changed human behaviour in terms of how people meet, connect and communicate with each other. The way organisations hold events and communicate with community members has also advanced exponentially with the advent of Virtual & Hybrid event technology.

Being industry leaders themselves, it only made sense for the Organization to be at the forefront of the change, and they decided to make the event virtual.

The Organisation understood that it was straightforward to have an online learning event as is done in most common webinars; however, the challenge was to find a means to motivate attendees to make meaningful connections at the event, plot their course in technology with a renewed sense of purpose and finally explore possible career opportunities at the Organization.

In essence, they required a fully integrated 3D virtual event system that replicated every aspect of an in-person event and some more: provide seamless networking features,multi-track options, develop trust among potential employees through video conversations with in-house subject matter experts and leaders, and create awareness about women in tech and opportunities for them via live sessions. 

Furthermore, they needed a robust system with an easy-to-navigate dashboard that would provide the privacy required to host its career fair and allow the attendees to have a secure channel to share their data with the Organisation

The Organisation sought out Sarcon in an effort to create an innovative and engaging career fair that would address all of their concerns.