Virtual Internship Fair For A National Education Institution

solar decathlon case study

About the Event 

Launched in 2020, Solar Decathlon India is a competition for post-graduate and undergraduate students from Indian institutions to develop net-zero solutions. Modelled after the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon, the competition’s primary goal is to empower the next generation to combat climate change in real estate development by allowing students to explore innovative and affordable market-ready solutions.

The Challenge

Before the 2022 event, the organisation had approached Sarcon in 2020-2021 for its first virtual event amid the constraints of the Covid-19 pandemic, which was a huge success.

Having experienced firsthand the advantages of virtual events and being at the forefront of innovation, the organisation sought Sarcon to create an interesting and engaging virtual internship fair for their second annual event.

While Sarcon was thrilled at the opportunity but the team also felt challenged at the same time. There was a possibility that the participants might not want to attend yet another virtual event. Other challenges included:

  • Reducing the impersonal nature of the event and the online internship fair
  • Providing a dynamic, interactive, and immersive experience / fostering audience participation throughout the event.
  • Facilitating an effortless transition between the live event and the online internship fair for all participants and sponsors.
  • Provide a much more robust and user-friendly event than before.

Why Sarcon?

Since the Organisation understood that it needed to adapt how it ran its internship fair to reflect the ever-changing nature of events and the people attending them, it decided to opt for Sarcon after experiencing the robust system and the immense success of its first event. 

Sarcon’s established virtual event platform provided the Organisation with many benefits: 

  • The flexibility to alter the “event appearance” from the first year to the second year proved beneficial in creating a more “real-life campus internship fair” environment.
  • The presence of a virtual event enabled the organisation to reach and engage with a greater number of students who could participate using tablets or laptops.
  • Sarcon’s friendly dashboard also provided the Organisation with immediate, self-service access to comprehensive metrics and reports, fostering real-time analysis and learning after the event.
  • Sarcon is among the few vendors with ISO certification and GDPR compliance. 

Platform’s best features:

  • 3D Visual backgrounds and branded content
  • Click a snap and testimonial features  
  • Custom booths and project exhibit hall