Transforming Employee Onboarding with Sarcon and HPE : An Event Case Study

HPE Virtual Event - induction program

About the Event

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company is an American multinational information technology company based in Spring, Texas, United States. The HPE 2021 virtual event was an induction program for new employees at HPE. The event’s goal was to engage the new interns and graduates through activities and provide them with information about HPE.

The event saw attendance from business and HR colleagues, university recruiting champions, the talent acquisition team, and placement officers from various universities that HPE works with closely throughout the year for campus hiring. The event also provided an opportunity for new interns and graduates to network with other professionals and learn from their experiences.

The Challenge

As part of the Company’s ‘Edge-to-Office’ initiative, HPE redesigned its workplace to go hybrid. Understanding the needs of this new way of working, the Company has completely revamped and redesigned its workplaces in all locations across the world.

In addition, to ensure that the ‘edge’ employees are engaged, HPE has taken the initiative to organise connectivity events, virtual engagement, volunteering, cultural branding, and career development and training programs for such employees. One such initiative was the HPE virtual event 2021.

HPE was looking for an interactive virtual event which was more than just a webinar or a live stream that would allow them to provide as much information as possible to its attendees and create an opportunity for them to learn about the organisation, its culture, and its people. They also wanted multiple zones and features for engagement as well as networking for their new joiners.

HP’s upper management also stressed the importance of displaying a team-oriented office culture. Attendees were encouraged to actively participate in the event, which aimed to introduce new workers and provide them with an opportunity to learn about the company. HPE hoped for a platform that ran easily and provided end-to-end support with customisation. Fortunately, the features offered by Sarcon met all of their needs.

The HPE virtual event 2021 organisers had some clear objectives in mind:

  1. Host an interactive event that reflects HPE’s culture and brand identity.
  2. Provide new interns with relevant, valuable information about HPE and its people through HR talk sessions, Business leader panels, and Graduate fireside chats.
  3. Create networking opportunities for new recruits to meet and interact with other employees and speakers, and encourage the exchange of informational materials such as business cards.

Why Sarcon?

The Sarcon platform is host to a number of innovative clients that create truly mesmerising virtual and hybrid events. Not only do these events drive business value for their organisations, but they also help contribute to their expansion! Clients continually come up with ideas that push the boundaries of what’s possible within the virtual setting. And being a customer-focused company, Sarcon works with the customer to co-create their event. This challenges the Sarcon team to help the organisation realise its dream event.

Sarcon’s Core Employee Engagement Features helped HPE by

  1. Mimicking in-person event experience for employees by replicating HPE’s office atmosphere and aesthetics virtually.
  2. Creating a customise engagement experience with built-in features.
  3. Integrating live-streaming platforms to deliver virtual sessions to remote employees.